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chicago magazine
sixosix magazine  chicago   sixosix magazine  chicago   sixosix magazine  chicago

photo : lucha va voom
men with masks on and women with no shirts on. god bless america!
intersection section : believe blvd.
any moron can review music or movies.
it takes a special kind of genius to review an intersection.
technology : santa is real
there lies a genius on the north nole that man can only begin to comprehend and its name is santa claus
photo : zeitgeist
amid the red entrees, a fashonista hosts a dinner party for herself. table for three, dinner for one
by the way : best gift ... ever
the best and the worst gifts. be sure to give with caution this season
marshall : old country buffet
my harvest bounty in a ziplock bag
threads : holiday parties
getting out of town for a day can be relaxing and, well, enlightening.
irregular : the lake effect
you drink it. you look at it. you swim sometimes in it. Is the lake for parasails or parasites?
irregular : sister city
LYLASC (love ya like a sister city)
hopscotch : learn something
hop your way through seemingly unrelated tidbits of knowledge (throwing stones unecessary).

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12.31.05 : hi. today we discovered that ryan marshall is actually gay. All those humorous jokes and awkward moments throughout the years, well, they weren’t actually jokes, ... or awkward, to Marshall. So congrats, we still love you, but not as much as Mikey.

The zipper was invented in chicago in 1887 by Gooberty Goo. What is your favorite Chicago sundry?

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